Hort Co-op of Metro St. Louis


The Hort Co-op of Metro St. Louis encourages member participation in one or more of the Hort Co-op's committees. Each year the work of the committees determines the value and success of the Hort Co-op.

The committees and corresponding responsibilities are as follows:

  • Executive and Finance Committee: ADMINISTRATIVE - Manages routine administrative and business affairs of the Hort Co-op. Delegates tasks and issues requiring the review and analysis of appropriate Hort Co-op committee(s) who subsequently provide advisement and recommendations to the Board. FINANCIAL - Develops a revenue strategy based on the financial needs of the organization. Develops and reviews budget, income and expense statements submitted by the Treasurer for all Hort Co-op administrative affairs and event activities. Reviews revenue goals and budgeted expenditures recommended by the Budget Committee and forwards to the Board for approval.
  • Event PRESENTERS Committee: Develops themes for planned events. Establishes a list of topics and corresponding presenters to support the event theme. Secures the presenter finalists, confirm presenter fee requirements and obtain presenter contact, photo and biographical information. Provide "key" media contact list to the presenters for their advance use. Secures transportation and lodging accommodations for the presenters. Prepares information/welcome packets for the presenters including Presenter Agreement and literature relating to St. Louis metro history, sites of interest and industry/gardening related organizations. Coordinates the preparation of welcome gift baskets for the presenters. Identifies and prepares hosts (guides) for each of the presenters.
  • Event FACILITY Committee: Secures venues for planned events. Coordinates food service accommodations for event break periods and meal time(s). Coordinates venue and setups for book sales, plant sales, silent auctions, etc associated with events. Coordinates AV equipment availability to meet the needs of the program and presenters. Coordinates arrangements for music entertainment for break periods. Coordinates the design, layout, fabrication, delivery and placement of event signs. Coordinates on-site registration area setup including cash box and credit card equipment. Manages receipt of event pre-registrations (provides Executive Secretary with registrant information for data entry). Coordinates the development and preparation of the SLCC-M Horticultural Gardens for outdoor events.
  • Event MARKETING Committee: Reviews and recommends promotional materials and methods (including, but not limited to: brochures, membership applications, press release and web site) for marketing and promoting the role and events of the Hort Co-op. Creates and implements a marketing plan for promoting events. Identifies appropriate avenues for broadcasting (via direct mail, newsletters, media calendars, email, etc) information regarding upcoming events.
  • Event PROGRAM Committee: Creates and manages event schedules. Coordinates the content, design and printing of event printed programs. Coordinates acquisition and printing of presenter handouts (coordinate with Presenters Committee/presenter hosts). Determines and coordinates event participants beyond the featured presenters (i.e. master of ceremonies, featured dignitaries). Coordinates assemblage of registration packets and name badges. Creates, coordinates distribution, compiles and summarizes event evaluations.
  • Event ACTIVITIES Committee: Coordinates pre and post non-presenter event activities (i.e. evening reception for presenters/sponsors/advertisers/event managers and volunteers) and con-current non-presenter event activities (i.e. book sales, plant sales, silent auction and community service exhibits). Coordinates materials for and delivery of stage and dining area decorations. Prospects creators of and coordinate the logistics of combination planter displays for planned events.
  • BUDGET Committee: Reviews budgetary needs and recommends revenue goals and budgeted expenditures for the review of the Executive and Finance Committee who forwards to the Board for ultimate approval.
  • MEMBERSHIP Committee: Provides support to the Member Organizations to aid in their recruitment efforts for new members. Oversees content maintenance of the Hort Co-op descriptive brochure booklet including the membership application forms for each Member Organization.
  • AUDIT Committee: Engages the annual review of the Hort Co-op's financial records and provides an annual report to the Board.
  • AWARD NOMINATION Committee: Manages achievement award criteria, solicits candidates and recommends successful candidates for consideration by the Board for all Hort Co-op achievement award programs including the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • BIENNIAL REPORT PREPARATION Committee: Compiles information, prepares content, publishes and distributes to the membership the Hort Co-op annual report. The annual report is compiled during the summer of odd-numbered years.
  • COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT Committee (future): Pursues, reviews and recommends opportunities for the Hort Co-op to provide service intended to enhance the physical and social aspects of the community.
  • NEWSLETTER Committee (future): Manages the format, design and frequency of the Hort Co-op newsletter. Solicits and encumbers content from each of the member organizations for publication inclusion. Coordinates the production and distribution of the publication.
  • MEDIA ADVISEMENT Committee: Provides advisement to the St. Louis-metro media regarding industry events and issues and timely horticultural topics.
  • SCHOLARSHIP Committee: Develops the scholarship program and recommends the fiscal year scholarship budget for Board approval, reviews and updates scholarship criteria, solicits student scholarship applications, reviews scholarship application submissions and recommends the selection of scholarship recipient(s).

A PDF of the current Hort Co-op of Metro St. Louis COMMITTEES AND LEADERSHIP is available below.

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